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Nat' and Kap's Last Days


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Natalie and Kaprina's Last Days: Next stop, Tri-Cities

This Uhaul is from Rosland New Mexico!!  Look at the aliens! : )

Kaprina and Natalie worked with Magen at Gritman Hospital for the last six months. They recently had to move to the Tri-Cities in Washington to finish their schooling. We're going to miss them, but anticipate mooching their new pool when warmer weather comes! These pictures are from the last few days of their time in Moscow.

"You make new friends, next thing you know, you're driving them to the airport or helping them move!" - Jerry Seinfeld

Natalie and Magen on a Wednesday night celebration/funeral.

Mike, Magen, Natalie, Carly and Tom.jpg

Hello There!.jpg

Natalie, Magen ("the wife") Schmidt, and Carly having fun.jpg